Volunteers for Christ (VFC) is our outreach to the University of Tennessee. VFC's purpose is primarily to glorify God through the proclamation and demonstration of the gospel of Jesus Christ to college students. We desire that students not only learn about Christianity, but also that they practically apply their faith in the context of the local church. 

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What is Students4Hire?

Students4Hire is a way for students to raise money for VFC’s spring break trip, Vision Quest. Vision Quest is always one of the most anticipated events of the year for students in VFC, and with that said it is also the most expensive for students to attend.

Do you have work around the house / in the yard? Does a babysitter sound nice?  These are just a couple of examples of ways you can employ students who need to raise money.


How does Students4Hire work?

You can fill out the 2023 Students4Hire Work Request form below.  You then will be contacted by a VFC intern and matched up with a student that has signed up to work. Instead of paying the student cash, you will directly contribute to their spring break trip by giving under the “VQ Work4Hire” category online.


Why participate in Student4Hire?

Vision Quest is the biggest event that VFC does all year long and the Lord has always been faithful to bless our time together. As we retreat to the beach for a week, we anticipate that the Lord will be actively strengthening the faith of Christian students and we pray that he will be giving new faith to students who do not yet know him. Students4Hire is an important and meaningful way for you to partner with us as we seek to proclaim the Gospel to students that attend the University of Tennessee.

If you are interested in participating in Students4Hire, please fill out the form below!

If you have any questions, please email us at vfcstaff@gmail.com.

2023 Students4Hire Work Request
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