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As I look ahead to VFC next semester, there are many things I am excited about. The Spring semester is an especially exciting time for us because it is often where we see fruit from our efforts. An analogy that is often in my head is that of a gardener (thanks to a certain intern with a soil sciences degree). Gardeners must prepare land for the seeds they plant, water the seeds consistently, pull the weeds around them, and rely on the sun to provide growth before they can pick the fruit of the seed. During the Fall semester, much of what we do in VFC is the beginning stages of gardening (Bible studies, Thursday night meetings, lunches, etc.), and the Spring is often when we see the fruit we have been caring for all year (conversion). That’s one of the reasons I’m excited for the spring because every semester God faithfully changes lives for his glory and people we have been getting lunch with or have been coming to VFC all year become Christians.
One thing I’m excited for are our Tuesday night mission groups. During these groups, we take time to intentionally reach out to students that live in specific residence halls on campus. We try to build community in the residence halls by playing board games, having small group discussions on life questions, playing volleyball, handing out free food, and many other ways. Then, we take the contacts we make in the halls and invite them into the community of VFC. We’ve been encouraged by how these efforts have gone this semester, as many people who would usually avoid the church are open to joining us. It’s amazing that we can walk into these halls every week and have opportunities to share the Gospel with people without experiencing any serious persecution. I am eager to see what the next semester in these halls looks like.
 Another thing that we are excited about is our upcoming spring break trip, Vision Quest. During VQ, we go on a retreat at Laguna beach where we hear messages, worship, and enjoy time away from school. VQ has been a time year after year where God has faithfully met with students and in numerous cases changed the lives of students for his glory. Although we don’t put our faith in this actual trip to save people, it seems that God uses it to affect people in our ministry year after year. Seeing this happen is one of the greatest joys as a Christian, and even though this will be my fourth VQ, I can truly say it is my favorite week of the year. If you want a better idea about what this week looks like, check out this video:

     Thank you all for the support you have been to VFC this year, and for your prayers for us. As we start another semester here are a few big prayer requests:

That students would be saved from their sin and be alive in Christ
That these students would see the importance of the church as God’s people and become members of Cornerstone or another healthy church
Favor in residence halls on Tuesday nights and contact with new students
Vision Quest: that many students would come, logistical details would come together with excellence, and that student’s hearts would be transformed
That we would be a diverse campus ministry and have success reaching out to students of every tribe, tongue, and nation

Cornerstone Church of Knoxville