Biblical Counseling at CCK

Here at Cornerstone we offer biblical counseling for our members and gladly refer guests interested in receiving biblical counseling to trusted counselors in the area. We see the local church as the intended and ideal place for biblical counseling.

We all struggle with situations that go beyond our ability to handle. These can include life decisions, difficult choices, significant trials, or sin, and the effects they have on our lives and our relationships. Whenever we're faced with such challenges, God’s Word gives us hope through godly counsel. Maybe you just need a one-time meeting with a pastor. Or you may be experiencing a situation in which you need one of our counselors to come alongside you for a multi-session counseling experience. Whatever your need is, we know that God will use His Word and His people to offer you the comfort only He offers.

We invite you to fill out our counseling form so you can begin getting counsel soon!

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Marriage Mentorship Program

One great way to grow in your marriage is by spending time with a mature Christian couple. Marriage mentoring at CCK provides you with an opportunity to do just that. Older married believers have much wisdom to share on common issues such as conflict, parenting challenges, financial struggles, and balancing the busyness of life. Consider it a tune up for your marriage! 

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