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Summer Camps


The STEM camp will be run by Andrew McDonald. He has taught 3rd grade at Willow Brook Elementary School for 10 years and the STEM coach there for the last 3 years. Teaching children through real world tasks has been a passion of his for years. He loves using Science, Math, creativity, and presenting together and sees the benefit of students making deep connections between subjects. This week is an opportunity for your children to learn about STEM through 5 themed days. There will be hands on projects, games, and group tasks expose students to different aspects of STEM and how these skills are connected with real world jobs.

Visit the Eventbrite for more information and to sign-up.



CCK Cheer Camp is a fun way to spend time with friends in our church and community! Your girls will be apart of a "squad" all week long! Each Squad will have Camp Counselors (Coaches). These are Women and Young Women from Cornerstone Church. These Coaches will lead their squad from class to class where they will learn from Instructors who have a background in Cheer, Dance, Tumbling, and Stunting. Your girls will learn a dance, cheers and chants, and work on some basic tumbling and stunting.

Every year we take some time to focus on some biblical topic that applies to little girls with hopes to encourage and inspire them. This year we are talking about Matthew 25:40, and the opportunities we have to love Christ by loving "the least of these." My heart is to inspire the girls to look for lonely girls and befriend them, love children and elderly people, and do good to precious individuals with special needs among us. I hope to inspire the girls that loving people who are the "least of these" around us is one way we can show our love to Christ. After all, He certainly loved "the least of these" when He gave His life for a sinner like me. At the End of the week (Friday) the Squads will perform the material they learned for their parents. It's always a fun event!

Visit the Eventbrite for more information and to sign-up.



The Survival Camp will be run by Andrew McDonald.  He teaches 3rd grade at Willow Brook Elementary School. He attained Eagle Scout at 18 and has been in the Air National Guard for 17 years. Through his life experiences being in the military and living in another country for several years he has learned the importance of being prepared. This summer will be his 6th summer teaching survival camp at Cornerstone Church of Knoxville. He loves seeing children learn to work together as a team and have the opportunity to talk through scenarios that might not go perfectly. They have so much fun together learning about the world around us and how to interact through some of its challenges.

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A Creative Camp for Kids!

The Gospel in Color Camp will be run by Lisa Clow. Lisa is a local artist, designer, singer, and member of CCK. This camp is a 2.5 hour long morning for boys and girls who are entering first grade and up to kids exiting 5th grade. Each day will consist of a short lesson from scripture about how God's creativity inspires our own. There will be individual craft projects, group activities, and a group project! Lisa will also share some simple techniques and teaching on shape, color, and texture.

Visit the Eventbrite for more information and to sign-up.



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