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Sunday Mornings

10:00 AM

Church Address

1250 Heritage Lake Blvd.

Knoxville, TN 37922

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We are “Focus on Christ,” or “FX” as we’re affectionately known, and we are arguably the most diverse ministry in the church.

We’ve got a bunch of younger people, but our age range is pretty diverse. Some of us are professionals, some are clerical or administrative, some are still trying to figure it out.

All of us—however—are post-college folks seeking to focus on Christ.

Studies have repeatedly shown that folks fall away from Christ and stop attending church after college, during the often difficult, un-rooted post-college years.
We want to reverse that trend.

Through all of our meetings and social events, we are seeking to cultivate a thriving life of discipleship to Christ amongst this post-college, diverse group of folks. We seek to encourage honest relationships with God and with one another. We seek to serve in the church and in the community together. And we seek to reach out to others in our community with the gospel.

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