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Upcoming Conferences:


truefeelings3Emotions are a daily reality and yet they can be quite unpredictable.  We can careen from joy to anxiety and anger in a matter of moments.

Why has God created us with so much emotion?  What is the divine purpose of our emotions?  What does the gospel have to do with our emotions? Our upcoming “True Feelings” Women’s Conference aims to provide biblical answers to these complex questions and help us live out God’s good design for our emotions.   It is November 10-11, 2017 at Cornerstone Church of Knoxville.  

Our speakers are Jani Ortlund and Julie Lowe. Jani, the wife of Immanuel Church pastor Ray Ortlund, is an author and speaker who loves to connect women with the Word of God. She is also a mother, grandmother, and former elementary school teacher. When she is not speaking, writing, or visiting family, you’ll find her in her garden, enjoying tea with a friend, or taking a long walk with her beloved husband.

Julie is a faculty member and counselor with Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF) in Philadelphia, PA. While she is a licensed professional counselor with other 15 years of counseling experience, she is a gifted speaker and regularly speaks on topics like women’s issues, body image, sexual abuse, and others. She and her husband Greg have six children and serve as foster and adoptive parents.



SESSION 1: God and My Emotions - Jani Ortlund

SESSION 2: The Gospel and My Emotions - Jani Ortlund


SESSION 3: Suffering and My Emotions - Julie Lowe

SESSION 4: All of life and My Emotions - Julie Lowe

SESSION 5: Worship and My Emotions - Jani Ortlund

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Past Conferences: 


Presence of God with Ryan Lister (Fall 2016). Professor Ryan Lister taught on how the Bible teaches us to experience the presence of God.  You can listen to the messages here.


VFC’s Anthem w/ Rick Holland (Fall 2015). Dr. Holland taught on the supremacy of Christ, pulling from his new book Uneclipsing the Son.

true romance

True Romance Marriage Conference (Fall 2015). Ray and Jani Ortlund addressed married couples on a biblically informed view of marriage and romance. You can listen to the messages here.

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